I [kaɪnd] n
сорт, вид, род, разряд
- new kind
- good kind
- male kind
- one's kind
- bird kind
- that kind of thing
- that kind of book
- queer kind of person
- kind of orange
- best kind of smth
- all kinds of things
- all kinds of tea
- all kinds of people
- different kinds of animals
- new kind of soap
- expertise of some kind
- human kind
- fruit of many kinds
- snakes of many kinds
- snakes of several kinds
- people of many different kinds
- book of that kind
- wind instrument of the trumpet kind
- something of the kind
- difference in kind
- soup of a kind
- law of a kind
- payment in kind
- benefits in kind
- donations to the Red Cross in kind
- German anchovy is a first of the herring kind
- fancy all kinds of things
- propagate one's kind
- differ in kind
- pay in kind
- return smb in kind
- return insults in kind
- smth of the kind
- nothing of the kind!
- all kinds of instrument
- right kind of key
- out-and-out boredom of the jaw-stiffening kind
Русскому какие книги? соответствуют английские what kind (sort) of books? и what books? Однако эти выражения имеют разное значение: вопрос what books (subjects, stations)? предполагает в ответе имя собственное - название: What stations did we pass? We passed Voronezh and some other smaller stations. Какие станции мы проехали? Воронеж и еще несколько маленьких станций. Вопрос what kind of books (of person, of cheese, etc)? предполагает в ответе некоторое качество, характеристику: What kind of person is he? He is an agreeable man. Что он за человек? Он приятный человек. What kind of books do you like to read? I like adventure stories. Какие (какого рода/сорта) книги вы любите читать? Я люблю приключенческие рассказы
II [kaɪnd] adj
добрый, сердечный, любезный
- kind person
- kind word
- kind letter
- with a kind smile
- be kind to smb
- be kind with smb
- be kind enough to do smth

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